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  • Csaba007
    Magyarul a régiek! :)
  • bakkerman
    SW Scott,Alyson Hannigan,Eugene Levy,Jason Biggs?

  • Csaba007
    Kíváncsi vagyok működni fog-e az új rész így 8 évvel később,remélem,én nagyon várom!!
    "Szopj le szépségem!" XD
  • LasDen #3
    Eugene Levy is visszatér...fuck yea...mekkora arc...:D
  • ScarY MAN
  • Suffering
    Premier: 2012. április 6


    Alyson Hannigan ... Michelle Flaherty-Levenstein

    Seann William Scott ... Steve Stifler

    Katrina Bowden ... Oz's Girlfriend

    Mena Suvari ... Heather

    Shannon Elizabeth ... Nadia

    Tara Reid ... Vicky Lathum

    Jason Biggs ... Jim

    Jennifer Coolidge ... Stifler's Mom

    Chris Klein ... Oz

    Natasha Lyonne ... Jessica (rumored)

    Thomas Ian Nicholas ... Kevin Myers

    Dania Ramirez ... Trisha

    Eddie Kaye Thomas ... Finch

    Eugene Levy ... Jim's Dad

    Chris Owen ... Chuck Sherman (rumored)

    Charlene Amoia ... Ellie

    Jay Harrington

    Molly Cheek ... Jim's Mom (rumored)

    Történet: They are back for a family Reunion, Jim is back and is married to Michelle,he needs to learn how to be a father. So he gets Stifler to help out with his newborn son who will be in the fraternity house of the Beta"s in his future life! First he gets baptized in a church where he learns his family heritage from inside The Bible of East Great Falls. he also learns his father was in fraternity. Paul Finch happens to go from a virgin to a catholic where he baptized little William and Kevin learns his past involving his relationship with Vicki. Michelle is still talking about Band Camp and will be the new Macro, Kevin will get back with Vicki, Oz will become Captain of lacrosse and will be in touch with his girlfriend Heather; things will change as their Reunion ends. Will this be the last slice of the pie?

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