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    What Is O2Jam?
    O2Jam is a compound word of O2 (Oxygen) + JAM (Improvisation) Music is like Oxygen, it is necessary for daily life, and we're surrounded by it. So let's form a band and play in a concert with our buddies. Be part of an ensemble with drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. Experience the intimacy of playing music as a group. This is the essence of O2jam.

    It's Music!
    In O2Jam you will find a variety of compositions ranging from soft ballads to heavy metal. It also gives players an opportunity to experience music composed by professional musicians. These are among the things that distinguish O2Jam from other music games. It is truly unique in every sense.

    It's Game!
    O2Jam allows users to compete with players or perform as a group. As the players progress and improve they earn levels and rankings, this makes O2Jam an ideal game of friendly competition. Come be part of O2jam.

    It's Me!
    The 3D avatar you create for yourself in O2Jam is the other you. Your avatar plays for you and conveys feelings and emotions on your behalf during the game. This connection between you and your avatar is unique and it makes you wish to express yourself further by accessorizing your avatar. Give your avatar costumes, instruments, jewelry, anything to make your avatar more YOU. Free yourself from the old-fashioned way of avatar creation and immerse yourself in the fully customizable avatar experience.

    It's Me!
    I made friends with whom I can share my feelings with. I also just formed a band for the first time ever. What's amazing is that we are able communicate with not words but music. I've never felt more at home in my life.

    További infó, letöltés (ingyenes!): http://www.o2jam.com.my
    Videó: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RCGPZxCAPZo