Vadnyugati multiplayer game
  • Hunnenkoenig
    A legjobbak megmaradnak, a többi csödbe megy.

    A konkurencia jot tesz a versenyszellemnek.

    Mikor csak videoton tv-t tudtal venni, senki nem erzett kesztetest valami jobbat csinalni :-)
  • I.C.ram
    Kicsit unom ezt a sok MMORPG-t. Lassan annyi lesz, hogy teljesen szétoszlanak az MMORGP-sek, végén az lesz, hogy egy mmorpg-ben lesznek max 200-300-an :(
  • Gyadi
    Mindenesetre sztem elég jó az alap5let, majd meglát-tyúk :P
  • Lacc
    Hááát majd meglátjuk mi lesz ebből.
  • Gyadi
    me 2
  • Hunnenkoenig
    Nem tudom mitöl függ a beta.
    Meg kepek sincsenek, szoval el fog tartani egy darabig :-)
    En minden esetre beirtam a nevem :-)
  • Gyadi
    Ecc, pecc kimehetsz... :D
    "WildWestSim gives players the freedom to choose their own destiny and make their own place in the game. Perhaps you wish to be a mild-mannered rancher and expand your lands and livestock, open up a shop in a boom town or quietly mine a secret gold vein far from the bustle of the urban areas.

    Some players will travel the vast western world as expert card-sharks, lonely gunfighters, notorious outlaws or skilled bounty hunters.

    A variety of races inhabit the WWS world, as both players and NPC's, including Native Americans, Mexicans, Europeans, Africans, and Asians.

    If you prefer the limelight, you can run for Sheriff or Mayor of a town, or lead a team of bandits to overthrow the law and rule over other players in a reign of terror.

    No matter what trade(s) you endeavor or which side of the law you choose to be on, your WildWestSim experience is sure to be entertaining and fulfilling.

    The unique (and first of it's kind) "dueling shootout" feature built into WildWestSim allows players to challenge each other in a real-time action shootout on main street at high noon. Finally, skillful control of your mouse and lightning-fast reflexes will be used to your advantage in a role-playing-game! Contests will be hosted to award treasures to the fastest guns in the west.

    Players can host weddings to marry each other and can even have children. Your children are actually new players that join WildWestSim. This fosters player interactivity and gives you the opportunity to show a "newbie" the ropes of the game, just as a parent would do in real life. Your family name, heritage, and deeds are passed down through "generations" to give you a chance to leave a lasting mark on the world of WildWestSim."

    Szerintem nem lesz rossz. Ha még jól is néz ki, benevezek, mert irtó nagy hangulata lesz.

    (Saját Ranch :) Micsoda ötlet!)

    Amúgy mitől függ, hogy beta tesztelhetsz-e?
  • Hunnenkoenig

    Itt a honlap.
    Betara jelentkezes e-mailben!

    FSP stilusu parbajok, igazi rewardok (John Wayne autogrammos Cowboykalapja etc.)