• BlackWolf
    sztem jo szar lett :D de ez sajat velemeny
  • zaki
  • a.carkey
    Írjatok lsz egy serial számot, ha valaki tud. PLS!
    Köszi. (Kimaradt az nfo-ból ...)
  • Bandeeka
    Ha vki probálta írja már le, hogy miért kapott az nforce-on nuke jelett. Thx
  • Mayday
    Hat, reklamok alapjan egy Warcraft3 + Neverwinter Nights + Monthy Python keverek lesz!
    Minden osszetevo remek! :)
  • shaba23 #3
  • Mayday
    Ez kiraly game lesz!
  • Mayday
    ÚÙ Once Upon A Knight (c) Atari Corporation ÚÙ
    : Supplied by: FAiRLiGHT : : Release Date: 09/24/03 :
    ³ Cracked by: FAiRLiGHT ³ ³ Game Type: RPG ³
    ³ Packaged by: FAiRLiGHT ³ ³ Image Format: BIN/CUE ³
    ³ CDS: 2 ³ ³ Protection: None ³
    ³ CD1 archives: 46 x 15 MB ³ ³ CD1: flt-ouk1.001 --> flt-ouk1.046 ³
    ³ CD2 archives: 52 x 15 MB ³ ³ CD2: flt-ouk2.001 --> flt-ouk2.052 ³
    ³ ³ ³ ³
    ³ System Requirements: Computer, Windows ³

    Game information:

    There are many medieval fantasy titles — but none like the innovative Once
    Upon A Knight. Set within a world of treachery, nobility and milk (yes
    milk), Once Upon A Knight delivers powerful gameplay — while never taking
    itself too seriously. It features extensive play with a comprehensive
    real-time strategy mode and exciting RPG modes. Throughout, Once Upon A
    Knight mixes hardcore depth and detail with a clever, tongue-in-cheek
    sensibility that appeals to a broad range of gamers. Forget what you know
    about fantasy titles — this one offers a milk-based economy, mothers-in-
    law, flying witches and secretive knights named Floyd. Whether players
    select RTS, RPG or both, they’ll find themselves in a brilliantly rendered
    setting, battling evil, saving damsels… and generally being noble and

    Game Features:

    Heroism. Sorcery. Cows. The greatest adventure you\\\'ve never heard of.
    Until now.

    - Two games in one: RTS action and RPG adventure

    - Multiplayer excitement via a LAN or the Internet

    - Over 20 missions & hundreds of quests

    - Creepy creatures, battling bandits and marauding monsters

    - An incredibly detailed 3D world

    - An easy-to-use game editor for creating original maps and campaigns