• Crem
    Na... Ha +4 en lett volna ilyesmi akkor a ma se lenne PC-m!_))) Egyébként az ElitE-re gondolsz szerintem!:)

    Ui: Commodore Plus 4 Forever!!!!!!!:)))
  • Randal
    Anno még Plus/4-en volt valami hasonló stílusú game.
    Csak már nemtom mi volt a neve. Letöltöttem, csak nem bírom megnézni, mer szar a gépem.
  • Crem
    Nagy csodát ne várjatok...:(

    Ráadásúl nekem szinte minden percben kifagy...
  • Disno
    letudnám de nem töltöm le...
  • Lantee
    Én biztos, hogy letöltöm, mert már régóta várok valami jó kis Űrős cuccra! :)
  • I.C.ram
    Screen nincs róla?
  • KreeztalCODE
    ilyen leiras utan egy dolgot tudok a jatekrol ... az en gepemen semmi ertelme megnezni ^.^
  • G. Joe
    Érdemes letölteni? Mit tudtok a cuccrol?

    Release Date: 9/4/2002
    Game Type: Shooter
    Image Format: BIN/CUE
    Game information :
    Halcyon Sun is the interactive space combat game that takes PC gamers into a
    whole new galaxy of adventures.
    The compelling storylines, colourful characters and superb action sequences will
    draw you back into the game - time after time.

    The dramatic action centres on the struggle of the Carolan Alliance to rid
    themselves of the menace posed by the Nolledah Revolutionary Republic. They are
    supported in their efforts by their allies, the Eridani - although the intense
    rivalry between the two nations' pilots sometimes threatens the alliance!

    Your role is to play the part of ace Carolan space pilot, Dru Avery, in a series
    of exciting missions. Dru Avery, together with his squad of highly trained
    fighter pilots, use the mighty space-ship - Halcyon Sun - as the base from which
    they launch their daring raids.

    There are twenty four different combat episodes with multiply missions, where
    you are thrown into the middle of the action. Your skills as a fighter pilot
    will be tested to their limits as you seek to protect the Carolan fleet and
    destroy your Nolledah enemies.