Egosoft X4
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    Version 3.00 Beta 6 (385903) - 2020-02-19

    Ha a teljes 3.0-ás listát bemásolnám, kilógna az internetből! Na majd a rilíznél...

    SPOILER! Kattints ide a szöveg elolvasásához!

    [Beta 6] New Feature: Paranid Ares heavy fighter and Xenon T scout.
    [Beta 6] New Feature: New unlockable gamestart.
    [Beta 6] New Feature: Oxygen display when player is in spacesuit.
    [Beta 6] New Feature: Search facility for Logbook.
    [Beta 6] Added Destroy Station and Destroy Station Turret missions to War Subscriptions.
    [Beta 6] Added Interact menu option to collect individual deployables.
    [Beta 6] Added Accept Estimate options to Station Info menu and Logical Station Overview.
    [Beta 6] Added Start Guidance to Object option to interact menu of drops.
    [Beta 6] Added option to rename ships in Ship Config menu when building/upgrading.
    [Beta 6] Added option to disable highlighting of other visiting players in map and radar.
    [Beta 6] Added option to toggle selection lines in map (new feature in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Added possibility to confirm second ship upgrade if first upgrade finished while Ship Config menu was open.
    [Beta 6] Added possibility to restrict individual factions from buying ships at player-owned shipyards and wharves.
    [Beta 6] Added weapon group shortcuts to Controls Option menu.
    [Beta 6] Added mouse-over text for ship order icons in Object List and Property Owned.
    [Beta 6] Added option to opt out of some confirmation messages.
    [Beta 6] Added race-based engine trail colours.
    [Beta 6] Added medium quality option for Screen Space Reflections.
    [Beta 6] Added chromatic aberration option.
    [Beta 6] Added new sector-specific music.
    [Beta 6] Added music to Player Headquarters reveal.
    [Beta 6] Added race-based engine trail colours.
    [Beta 6] Added race-based engine trail colours.
    [Beta 6] Fixed message about missing Builder ship from Station Build menu if no Builder ship actually needed.
    [Beta 6] Fixed stations with automatic unit settings sometimes dismantling units and working with a reduced amount.
    [Beta 6] Fixed ships sometimes ignoring certain highways for in-sector travel.
    [Beta 6] Fixed subordinates set to Docked sometimes responding to attacks directed at other members of their fleet but not at them (new feature in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed fleet subordinates set to Docked getting stuck trying to dock when docking not possible (new feature in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed displayed speed being too low in some highways.
    [Beta 6] Fixed weapons not properly activating or deactivating when assigned to both primary and secondary groups.
    [Beta 6] Fixed ships doing damage with forward-mounted weapons to targets not in front of them when in low attention.
    [Beta 6] Fixed attacking capital ships getting distracted by attacking fighters.
    [Beta 6] Fixed stations not ordering components to build turrets if no other module changes are made.
    [Beta 6] Fixed docked ship that player just relinquished control of waiting for player to tell it to proceed even if ship's current order does not require it to undock.
    [Beta 6] Fixed subordinates in a subordinate group set to Docked not docking (new feature in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed potential cause of friendly NPC factions attacking each other due to accidental friendly fire.
    [Beta 6] Fixed cases where NPCs assigned to objects do not arrive and remain missing.
    [Beta 6] Fixed upkeep missions to assign crew not completing until crew take control.
    [Beta 6] Fixed pirates hacking station storage not reacting to cover being blown or station being destroyed.
    [Beta 6] Fixed cargo drones failing to transfer inventory items in collected crates to their drone commander's captain.
    [Beta 6] Fixed capital ships doing little or no damage in low attention under certain conditions.
    [Beta 6] Fixed more cases of ships ending up very far from the centre of their sector.
    [Beta 6] Fixed several cases of docking guidance going through station geometry.
    [Beta 6] Fixed docking guidance not being visible when loading a savegame.
    [Beta 6] Fixed various issues with mission guidance on stations.
    [Beta 6] Fixed case where player ship could suddenly change rotation when opening map.
    [Beta 6] Fixed info menu failing to load if viewing a ship that has more cargo stored than it has storage space for.
    [Beta 6] Fixed Station Build menu only showing first digit of number of modules (new feature in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed missing error colours in the shopping list for ship upgrades (problem introduced in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed another case of map getting stuck to cursor (problem introduced in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed repeated voice lines when talking to the flight instructor several times (new feature in 3.00).
    [Beta 6] Fixed savegame names not auto-generating correct location name after overwriting a save once (existing savegames will not be fixed automatically).
    [Beta 6] Fixed wrong blueprint error in Ship Build menu after returning from encyclopedia.
    [Beta 6] Fixed Ship Interactions menu not working in certain circumstances.
    [Beta 6] Fixed cases where text could be stuck on screen in first person mode.
    [Beta 6] Fixed cases where crosshair was missing in first person person mode.
    [Beta 6] Fixed silent failure when saving very large savegames.

    [Beta 6] Added race-based engine trail colours. - (MINT EGY FALAT KENYÉR!!!
    [Beta 6] Improved aiming accuracy of weapons and turrets. - Ezt is emlegettem nemrég...