• Dzsini
    In the Invocation gallery from today, there are five cards missing, as they will be previewed in the Amonkhet set.
    The five gaps are the following:
    005, between Loyal Retainers and Worship
    015, between Force of Will and Pact of Negation
    020, between Attrition and Dark Ritual
    028, between Chain Lightning and Maelstrom Pulse
    029, also between Chain Lightning and Maelstrom Pulse
    The only known god name is for the white-aligned god, Oketra, which suspiciously fits perfectly at 005. If this is indeed the case, the remaining gods would fit blue-aligned at 015, black-aligned at 020, red-aligned at 028, and green-aligned at 029. The possibility for the gods' names are also narrowed down by this assumption.
    The red Gods name appears to be Hazoret, according to the flavor text of the non-promo Glorybringer located on Wizards product page for Amonkhet