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    How to Play the Alpha

    Apparently, the Unreal 2 alpha has quite a few hardware compability dysfunctions, namely any card made by ATI. ;-)

    While I'm not completely sure about that previous statement, I do know that everyone I know with a GeForce 1, 2, or 3 has been able to run it. (Though not very well with the lower of the three.)

    Here are detailed instructions on how to get the game to work. It's not very difficult at all.

    Extract whichever archive containing the files to C:\Unreal2\.
    Go into the maps directory, and right click on any map.
    Click Open with...
    Browse to find C:\Unreal2\System\Unreal.exe
    Double click a map to play.

    To exit the game, you need to either...


    The program will stop responding, and you shut it down just like any other application in the task menu.

    This worked on the following OSs I tested it on:

    Windows 2000 Professional SP2
    Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2
    Windows XP Professional

    If it works on something as mildly archaic as Windows 2000 Advanced Server, it's pretty much guaranteed to run on any 9x OS you might currently be running.

    That's it for this guide. If any of you have any more information about hardware and/or operating system compatiblity errors, I'd love to hear from you. Talk to me.